DV Lottery 2018 Advance Booking Open – Get 20% Off

20% OFF on Advance Booking – DV 2018 

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नतिजा हेर्न आफ्नो Conformation No, DOB र पुरा नाम सहित ई-जोन इन्टरनेशनल प्रा लि मा सम्पर्क राख्नुहोला ।

Phone no: 4483088, 4494072

EDV परिसकेपछी 1st letter processing, Interview processing साथै अमेरिका जने समय सम्मको सम्पूर्ण सेवाहरुको लागि हामीलाई सम्झिनुहोस ।

EDV परिसकेपछी 1st letter processing नै Visa success हुने नहुने माध्यम भएकोले अनुभव नभएको संस्थाबाट प्रोसेस नगरि ई-जोन बाटै गर्नु हुन आग्रह गर्दछौं ।

यो link बाट नतिजा आफै हेर्न सक्नु हुन्छ ।


DV 2018

DV Lottery 2018 in Nepal

DV-2018 is the forth coming American visa lottery program and it is expected to be open officially in this year. This program will select nearly 100,000 applicants as winners and will issue nearly 50,000 American Immigrant visas for the eligible winners after processing their visa applications and checking their eligibility under the draw rules. Winners will not get their visas right away, but will be given chance to apply for the visas through the normal online processing where they will pay US$ 330 as the visa processing fee ONLY to the US Consular Offices. Never send money through banks and through Money transfer programs to get your American visas.

Opening Date: 04th October 2016
Closing Date: 11th November 2016

The Applications form will be provided for a period of 34 days only. After this dates the facility will be closed.

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